Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving
And Waiting For You!


This gorgeous spotted man was adopted earlier this year as a fuzzy little puppy -- my, how he's grown!

Social Tees just got this sweet email from his dad:

"Just wanted to give you a little update on my border collie Prince I adopted from you. I am so pleased to say that you guys have given me my best friend.

This dog is completely awesome. His personality is very sweet and friendly.  He plays great with other dogs and I keep him very social. He is a genius (sometimes smarter than me I think) so training is a breeze for him and he is always eager to play ball or with a disk. Sometimes he can be a pain but thats a border collie puppy for ya."

WAIT!!! NO!!!! IT CAN'T BE!!!!


A couple of weeks ago Lotus was rescued, a special Facebook page was set up to help her and other horrifically abused animals, and Friday's Child highlighted her.  She has barely any fur and gaping wounds all over her.

Look at her now.

Social Tees says: 

That's right, our girl Lotus! She was kind enough to give us a nice brisk stroll in this lovely warm October weather. Lotus was so jazzed to get out of her kennel for a while, she skipped down the street with the most adorable little strut. 

This girl's booty is happy! She walks super well on a leash and stops all over the place to soak up all of the smells the East Village has to offer... just like a normal dog. 

Her skin is still a bit crusty and sour smelling, and she's got some weight to gain, but her fur is starting to come in nicely. We walked along, shared some pizza crust, stopped here and there for petting sessions, and we can't wait to see her again tomorrow. Her pushed in little face and curled up tail are so irresistible!

PS -- THANK YOU to all of you wonderful supporters who have donated money toward her vet care and material donations via our Amazon wish list. We left her with some chew sticks today and boy was she thrilled. More pics to come!!!


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Thursday, October 30, 2014

When It Comes To The World Series,
Plus ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose

We'd walk from newstand to bar to candy store to building lobbies to hardware store window with all the TVs on the same station, everybody's radio blasting the game, people crowding around....

The whole city became one big stadium.  

But then private TVs the size of a small island and the internet built a world filled with selfies and streets and restaurants filled with people whose idea of eye contact involved staring at a tiny screen.


When October comes and suddenly walking from candy store to bodega to bar to... crowds gather and the score is shared shouted over the din of the standing-room only crowd and texted into phones by caring friends who, still at work, watch the game over illegal streaming or listen through one of the last transistor radios being made.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beneath Her Surface

The chance to peek below couldn't be missed.

Is that rope a safety rope for the guy down there, I ask the FIOS guys?

Nah. We don't like him that much.

The yellow tube, however, was blowing enough oxygen while they took turns looking for tree-trunks of cooper wrapped in melted lead.

They're getting rid of all the copper wires, the guys says.

15,000 telephone wires, 15,000 telephone calls, 15,000... all those phones calls, seventy years of phone calls.

I'm not giving up my copper wire, I tell them.

Me neither, says one of them.

Another trunk gets hauled up, all three guys hauling it up together.

It's so beautiful, I tell them.  Can I take another picture?

Sure.  Nobody is ever interested.  Usually, they just come over to complain to us their phone isn't working.

Cowboys or Redskins, one of them shouts to the other.

Royals, I tell the guy standing over the open pothole.

Probably Giants, he says.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Memories: Play Ball

I was always a Mets fan but never went to a game until a rich man I was working for as a housekeeper took me out to the ballpark.  We sat near third base and Lee Mazilli who was young and cute and nice, signed autographs for little kids.  NOBODY was there because it was the late 1970s and the Mets really sucked.

Joni introduced the Mets into the family in 1986. That's when they won the World Series again.  "You went to China and left me here and there was nothing to watch on TV and baseball every day was spontaneous," she reminded me.

When the Mariner found out I was a Mets fan he was more thrilled with that than with my tolerance for long hours of writing apart from one another.

The Mets weren't in the Series this year, but the Giants were and they're National and so they're loved but it would be great if Kansas City won even though they were American League.  It had been a while.

However, much of the night, after the traditional Joni-back-in-NY-fried-chicken meal, was spent trying to explain the history and the game of baseball to El who only saw it in Austria when they broadcast the Bad News Bear. In German.

The following is actually dialogue:

Then the Giants left Brooklyn and the Dodgers got this canyon in L.A. so when the Mets came they took the orange and the blue...

We love the Mets

It's an abusive relationship

They're getting better.

Every year Ted says Next Year they're going to be better.

This year they were close to 500... to me when they get to 500...

....they were 4 games down from 500...

...500 is BAD!

Why was that a strike?

He can foul off.

I think that's a stupid rule.

500 is mediocre.

Now you have to tell her about sacrifice fly!

Ok in 1999...


But  this is great!

In 1999 the Brave were tormenting them and they had a hitter Robin Ventura and he had wrecked his legs he was the all time grandslam hitter and all they .... they call it the Grand Slam's in the rule book as a ....

OH! That was almost a bunt we haven't talked about a bunt!


I said, what about that sorbet?

Now we're going to get into tag play verse forced play...

He slipped!

Because it's wet.  Because it was RAINING.

That's not raining. It's heavy misting.

Rain.  Raining.
Take Me Out To The Ball Game Take Me Out.... DO THE WAVE

I don't know where I am right now.

Finally, we all gave up and let Abbott & Costello explained it.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving And Just Worth It

 There's a reason Friday's Child
is now a part of Her New York

if only to say thank you.

Get your own chance to thank you!

Social Tees Got Tons Of Puppies!!

Puppies and kittens are up for adoption!!!! 

See who's ready for a forever home on our Petfinder page at and complete an adoption application at!


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Night Travels To Hope

It's dark, but not the kind of night that's the after-party.  It's autumn dark, perfect for a rare early dinner briskly walked to through cool wind. 

The days are getting shorter and the years, fewer.  But stepping into a fall evening, you just feel like promises will still be kept.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Fearless And Moral Inventory

the black Mare ankle boots the shoemaker on 10th Street sold me in 1980something because no one ever picked them up

the black Otto Tootsi Plohound boots the roommate gave me in 1990somethingthat were cut to mid-calf

the black kitten heel, pointy toe knee-high leather boots bought new in Martinez, Argentina 2000something glimpsed from a moving train, spotting the exact pair wanted, figuring out how to use the Spanish-speaking ticket machine and getting to Martinez on my own and buying a new pair of boots for the first time in decades for about the same the Mare cost 20 years earlier.

the black Timberlake quasi motorcycle boots, a bit too big, the neighbor gave me muchlatersomething

the two pairs of black waterproof, warm, winter La Canadianne boots bought on 14th Street-2-for-1 new  after destroying a pair of boots in the rain because an ex had bought them for me

the black pointy-pointy-pointy Italian leather $14.99 at Salvation Army before boycotting their stores because they gave so much money to anti-Gay actions

the black fake-leather knee high a friend gave me for work 

Not shown: 

the two pairs of black ankle boots kept at work, one from a thrift store some serious designer name that the guy wouldn't give me a break on the the price, and a pair from Italy bought at a street fair from this woman she just wasn't wearing them anymore but then running into me on the street the following week, saying she regretting selling them to me for $10 she should have given them another shot

and the brown pair of Adams Boots that are kinda motorcycle or cowboy boots with a buckle and they're the only brown boots I got.

Its clear that there is no possible reason, ever, until all these boots fall apart, that I need another pair ever.  

Unless of course, someone has a pair they're getting rid of or there's a sale.  Or they're red.

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