Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving And Just Worth It

 There's a reason Friday's Child
is now a part of Her New York

if only to say thank you.

Get your own chance to thank you!

Social Tees Got Tons Of Puppies!!

Puppies and kittens are up for adoption!!!! 

See who's ready for a forever home on our Petfinder page at and complete an adoption application at!


Come Volunteer!!!

Come Visit!!!!

 Come On In!!!!!

 Social Tees 
325 East 5th Street, NY, NY 10003

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Night Travels To Hope

It's dark, but not the kind of night that's the after-party.  It's autumn dark, perfect for a rare early dinner briskly walked to through cool wind. 

The days are getting shorter and the years, fewer.  But stepping into a fall evening, you just feel like promises will still be kept.

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The Lights Of Autumn 

Autumn In New York

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Fearless And Moral Inventory

the black Mare ankle boots the shoemaker on 10th Street sold me in 1980something because no one ever picked them up

the black Otto Tootsi Plohound boots the roommate gave me in 1990somethingthat were cut to mid-calf

the black kitten heel, pointy toe knee-high leather boots bought new in Martinez, Argentina 2000something glimpsed from a moving train, spotting the exact pair wanted, figuring out how to use the Spanish-speaking ticket machine and getting to Martinez on my own and buying a new pair of boots for the first time in decades for about the same the Mare cost 20 years earlier.

the black Timberlake quasi motorcycle boots, a bit too big, the neighbor gave me muchlatersomething

the two pairs of black waterproof, warm, winter La Canadianne boots bought on 14th Street-2-for-1 new  after destroying a pair of boots in the rain because an ex had bought them for me

the black pointy-pointy-pointy Italian leather $14.99 at Salvation Army before boycotting their stores because they gave so much money to anti-Gay actions

the black fake-leather knee high a friend gave me for work 

Not shown: 

the two pairs of black ankle boots kept at work, one from a thrift store some serious designer name that the guy wouldn't give me a break on the the price, and a pair from Italy bought at a street fair from this woman she just wasn't wearing them anymore but then running into me on the street the following week, saying she regretting selling them to me for $10 she should have given them another shot

and the brown pair of Adams Boots that are kinda motorcycle or cowboy boots with a buckle and they're the only brown boots I got.

Its clear that there is no possible reason, ever, until all these boots fall apart, that I need another pair ever.  

Unless of course, someone has a pair they're getting rid of or there's a sale.  Or they're red.

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sunday Memories: In The Still, Night Travels

3 a.m. at the airport

It is my favorite time no matter where I am.

Everything empties and brief moments suddenly stand alone.  There's enough space to see a possible future.

When moving into my apartment almost forty years ago it was at night, while roommates slept, that I would wander through the apartment and attempt to scrub it clean, fix its tatterness tidy it up.

Wishful thinking that when I woke up late for work the apartment might have metamorphosed into a home I kept seeing in a magazine or in a TV commercial.   I was always too tired to be disappointed.

But even if morning was disappointing, those night hours weren't.  There was space to dream.  There was quiet to hear my heart.  The world was infinite and I could go anywhere I wanted.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving And FREED!!!!!! And Free too!


Daisy, the diabetic dogs that was sadly stuck in her cage for months at the vet, has finally gotten a chance at a foster home. Wooooo!!!!!! A huge THANK YOU to her amazing new foster mom for picking her up and welcoming her into her heart and home yesterday. (You can follow their adventures on Instagram via @ahomebtwnhomes.) Now let's find her forever family!!!! She's 8 years old, 15 lbs, a fluffily little Shih Tzu terrier mix, and very lovely. Email if you have questions!

Daisy, the diabetic dog highlighted in last week's Friday's Child had been sadly stuck in her cage for months at the vet.  BUT SHE'S NOW FREED AND IN A FOSTER HOME!!!

A huge THANK YOU to her amazing new foster mom for picking her up and welcoming her into her heart and home yesterday.

You can follow their adventures on Instagram via @ahomebtwnhomes.

Now let's find her forever family!!!! She's 8 years old, 15 lbs, a fluffy little Shih Tzu terrier mix, and very lovely.

Email if you have questions!


Sleepy puppies Ginseng and Gia need a foster home ASAP!

These little girls are only 12 weeks old, 4 lbs each, very sweet and playful.

Pickup is at Social Tees, fostering lasts 2 to 4 weeks tops, email if you can help!!!




Lots of kittens, puppies, cats and dogs get abused - that's not just a word.  That's beatings, cigarettes burns, being kicked, not being given food, water, or shelter.  DAILY.

That word is a world that a lot of animals live in.  And Social Tees and other rescue groups go out, find these animals and bring them back into a different word and thus a different world.  Be part of it.  Click on the facebook link SAVING LOTUS and join in.

Meet Lotus

This is her looking a BILLION times better than when Social Tees took her off the kill-list and brought her to help.

Social Tees says:

Through this page, we plan to share the story of Lotus and we invite you to please follow along and help this abused dog heal.  Our goals are to raise awareness about and prevent animal abuse and neglect; to find out who did this to Lotus; to build a loving community around this dog; and to share her strides and progress as she experiences the kindness she never had and grows into the dog she was meant to be.

Lotus was found tied to a fire hydrant in the Bronx three weeks ago and taken to Animal Care & Control, but she was emotionally abandoned long before that by the severely neglectful owner who allowed her to literally waste away for years. Ironically, she was set free when she was left tied to that fire hydrant. That was the moment when her new life began.

We rescued Lotus shortly after she landed at the kill shelter (Animal Car & Control) in Harlem. Despite how hard we knew it would be to pull her through, we couldn’t bare to leave her there when we saw her cowering in her cage. Unbelievably, we were not allowed take her immediately, however, because Animal Care & Control protocol dictated that they were obligated to hold her for three days in case her owner showed up looking for her…
We live in an extremely backward world if the person who did this to her would have been permitted to take her back had he or she come to claim ownership. 

When she was released from stray hold, we rushed over, scooped her up, and got her to a holistic veterinary specialist and our veterinarian with the help of a very compassionate animal-loving officer next door at the 9th Precinct. She was emaciated, most of her fur had fallen out, and her nails were so long that they curled in spirals under her toes, some stabbing the flesh of her pads and ankles. Her bones stuck out in ridges along her ribs, and her head felt like a skull covered in a thin layer of crusty leather. All of her skin was raw, moist, red, inflamed, hot, and stank of sourness and rotting flesh. Thick deep scabs covered her back, chest, and legs like fossilized slugs embedded on a wilted stem. The scabs that clung to her face above her nose pushed what little fur she had left there into her eyes, poking her fragile, irritated corneas. Her ears were full of a yellow crumbly buildup that fell like putrid sleet when she shook her head. Her legs wobbled and shook when she tried to walk because she had so little muscle strength. Though it was clear she wanted affection, she was in so much pain that she would wince at the gentlest touch. Miraculously, she still has so much faith in humans despite what she’s been through.

We have held off on sharing her story until we knew she was in the clear, and now is the time to introduce you to this truly special soul. 

This picture was taken when we first rescued her. Just wait until we post the next pics!! She’s had her matted scabby fur trimmed off, and she’s been bathed daily with soothing, medicated cleanser. Her nails were clipped, and she can walk without pain for the first time in years. Her eyes and ears are clearing up and no longer itch and burn. Her foul smell is fading away, and the first traces of fresh fur are beginning to grow back. She can now accept the physical affection she has so dearly needed — she adores being rubbed and scratched along her neck and all over her head, and she will cozy up into your lap on a blanket just happy to have human companionship.

Please join us as we watch her blossom!

Special thanks to Alan Perlman of Chey Dog Pet Photography for donating his time and energy to helping us document Lotus’s journey.

She's already been at the vet for a few weeks, so you can imagine what her medical bills might look like... If anyone wants to DONATE to help support her medical care, please do so here: THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!


Come Volunteer!!!

Come Visit!!!!

 Come On In!!!!!

 Social Tees 
325 East 5th Street, NY, NY 10003

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Metaphor

There's this old slogan about the hallway.  Well, it's more about doors opening and closing.

When one door closes another opens.

But this is where the hallway comes in.  Sometimes we have to wait there before that other door opens.

There's really nothing to while you're stuck but ask for guidance of how to get to where you are going and how to sit while you wait.


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Monday, October 13, 2014

Turn Around Bright Eye

The building is kinda impressive.  Lots of people take pictures of it as if to say Here I Am In New York.  I've taken pictures of the building, but mostly at night when it becomes a mirrored disco ball of all the buildings around it.  It's very pretty at night.

But no matter what time of day it is the river is always beautiful.  It is a living painting.  It sings lieder and poems in the spring and heavy metal when it rains and Motown whenever it damn feels like it and while the guy was taking a picture of a lot of glass and concrete he missed out on what really was happening.

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