Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Soon-To-Be-A-Memory: The Couch

It had been purchased by her then-girlfriend's effort to keep two people in one spot.

Didn't work.

Her incoming new wife determined to clear their new home of old memories sawed it in half so it could fit in the tiny elevator of their 5th Street apartment and get it the hell out of their new life together. The new couple walked both pieces up to my apartment eight blocks away.
Having never had a real couch before, I was thrilled and watched in awe as the new wife power tooled the two pieces into their former glory.

In the ensuing decade and then some, sex and love and happily-ever-after were attempted on its cushions, along with lifetimes of laughing in love and weeping in heartbreak.
On it art was marveled at, stories were written and when sick, it was the best place to curl up and become a little girl again.

In recent life and loss, it was a refuge to hide in often with take-out and TV to numb and soothe the noise inside from too much of too much.

Then the cat, taking full occupancy of his home, also took full occupancy of the couch. A place to hide under when little, frightened and trying to figure out who the mommy-can-opener was, and once that was established a place to hide his favorite toys, including my favorite pen, my reading glasses, hair bands needed for the gym, the floss, plastic rings from bottles, all the thousands of jiggling bell balls I keep buying him, the catnip mouse, the catnip bird, the catnip...

The cat now bigger and no longer able to fit beneath the broken frame, this beat-up couch has become his warm corner of comfort when wanting to keep me company while catching up on his beauty sleep.

Soon, the couch will be dismantled and taken out in the tiny elevator of this building.  Decades of history no longer welcomed in my home will be cleared out along with it and a new couch, perhaps more functional, a bit smaller, not so broken will fill new space.

And with that, new memories and a new history me and the cat choose.