Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Bea and the Welbilt

"What are you doing with your mother's stove? You going to sell it?"

(Actually it was more like "whatcha gonna do wit ya motha's stove ya gonna selit?" [note: the 't' is silent])

She was finishing off a day of collecting signatures in front of Moishe's Bakery and we were walking back to the building she and Florence had lived in as neighbors on different floors. She had been a school aide at PS 110 when I went there.

"I used to visit your mother we have the same stove. A Welbit I lost some knobs she said here take one of mine I said NO! what are you going to do no keep your knobs No! but if you're going to sell the apartment because they don't make those knobs anymore I called they said they don't make them anymore I love my Welbilt I used to visit your mother she was lonely she told me."

I promised to give her the knobs if we ever sold the apartment. When I asked to take her picture she said "No! I'm a very private person" and flounced out of the elevator.