Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No, We're Actually Pretty Effing Happy About It

This is Carolyn. Even though she was forced to grow up in Long Island, she started life in Queens. She's almost 50. She's never been married. She's never had kids.

She's taking a photography class at a very prestigious photography place. Her project? Portraits of other women of age who have never married and never had kids.

Rather than heed some of the suggestions made by some her classmates to take pictures of us looking all sad as we walked by baby stores, Carolyn decided to take pictures of how and what and who we really are.

Each one of us is at our own crossroad, reinventing our lives, rediscovering our talents, re-questioning our priorities. It's called life and, unencumbered by the needs of dependents (which according to many of my married friends includes spouses) we get to spread out into rare unlimited space and find our own answers in our own time.

This is Carolyn's New York and this is what Happy looks like.


Anonymous said...

If you spend your life looking over the fence at what someone else has you'll never be happy. Life is what it is..make the most of it.

Day by Day said...

That is wonderful! I am a mom of 4, love my kids, but I dream about what it would have been like to be "effing Happy!".. Celebrate these women, we women, are all remarkable, no matter status!

c.o. moed said...

Thank you mybabyjohn and absolutely, Day By Day!!

This is not about either/or. I'm thrilled that friends and family had these great kids I love knowing and I'm thrilled I am childless. I am thrilled that we all got to make the decision we knew would bring us our unique greatest expression of joy-gratitude-mission in life. That is our birthright!

SpeakEtc. said...

GREAT! The more we can realize there's no right or wrong way to do life, the better off we'll be!