Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Memories Of A Guest Artist: To Love To Be Loved

  Paula and Mr. Ishmael, a.k.a, the baby boy cat

Photo by Shelley Glick

[I know now the beloved]
by  Gregory Orr

I know now the beloved
Has no fixed abode,
That each body
She inhabits
Is only a temporary

That she
Casts off forms
As eagerly
As lovers shed clothes.

I accept that he's
Just passing through
That flower
Or that stone.

And yet, it makes
Me dizzy-
The way he hides
In the flow of it,
The way she shifts
In fluid motions,
Becoming other things.

I want to stop him-
If only briefly.
I want to lure her
To the surface
And catch her
In this net of words.

Paula, an old, dear friend is the twinkle in a witty observance and the soft of a breeze.  She has repeatedly dazzled and inspired me with emails filled with poems and photos from her life that sing the secret heart of soul, cat or others. 


Anonymous said...

The photo brings to mind an old song...."we belong to a mutual, admiration society" (my kitty and me). Can't remember the actual name.

Shelley Rio-Glick said...

I love this post.... and am deeply, deeply honored that you used my photograph. I have appreciated your blog for quite some time.

c.o. moed said...

Thank you for the use of the photo! It's extraordinary and captures that unique relationship, what mybabyjohn so aptly described - "a mutual, admiration society..."