Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Memories: Behind The Veil

There's paint-coated glass all over the place, sometimes so thick that most of the 1900's versions of air conditioners no longer shut...

... or even open.

Some glass doors are shellacked with personal statements of colors that were quite popular for about two years during different decades...

Once upon a time this home had been filled with only one family living in the light and air, flowing and swirling from windows though clear, open transoms, around walls, past translucent doors of rooms.  Maybe the bedroom Bernard Hermann grew up in, or the practice studio Sidor Belarsk stepped into to begin the daily work of scales.  

When hard times hit the neighborhood so many apartments in the building and in the neighborhood became S.R.O.s. 

And the winding hallway beneath those open transoms and along those glass doors became a tunnel past the warren of small rooms, filled with strangers behind opaque glass walls made of cheap paint.

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