Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pen & Brush Photo Contest - Audience Participation

Pen&Brush is having a contest for women photographers to submit THREE photographs.

I don't really think of myself as a real photographer. Regardless, I'm going to submit. Below are photographs culled from my collection by an informal panel of friends. I would love your input as to which ones might have the best chance to get into this show. Leave your comments and your picks either in the comment section below or via email! The photo on top of Florence looking out of the window is not eligible as it comes from a video I directed and Ruben Guzman shot. Technically it is not my photo.

The Promise Land


Soldiers At The Wall

Florence and Whoopi


Room With A View

A Corner of the World

Seymour Talks To His Hospital Bed


I Still Have Pain

Hall of Water

The Luncheonette


Samantha_Saly said...

"Not-the-Movie-Airplane!" is my favorite, but I think they are all quite good. Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

I would choose The Luncheonette. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Claire!

Hope all is well.

I also choose The Luncheonette. I also liked The Promised Land & Prayer.

rhoie said...

Hey Claire, I absoultey love the Luncheonette photo. Hope you are well. Let's catch up soon.
Love, Roseann

rhoie said...

I also love the prayer

Bucko said...

holy shit these are good.

I'm thinking of three like photos, or a theme, rather than a range. Maybe someone has thought whether it's better to focus with a theme or to give a range?

Promise land (is it promised land?); protocol; not-movie-airplane

prayer; florence and whoopi; luncheonette; and/or seymour

reyescoles said...

hey Claire,

Hopeyou are doing well. I always enjoy your work and this was no exception. Viewing your work really made me miss New York of past days.

My favorites are Luncheonette, Room With A View, and Prayer.


Andrew St. C said...

I like Seymour and Soldiers at the wall..they both seem to tell a story.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! I pick soldiers on The Wall.

c.o. moed said...


Unknown said...

I love the one of Florence in the kitchen that isn't on your list. It's a very potent and moving photo.

I also realled like promiseland, prayer, and luncheonette. protocol is great and so is seymour talking to the bed, but if you are presenting a trio, it might be nice to go with the kitchen photo, prayer and luncheonette.

Anonymous said...

"I still have pain", "florence and whoopy", "Not the Movie Airplane". I do like the luncheonette pic as well.

Unknown said...

Room with a view & luncheonette are my faves followed by Protocol.

beautiful work, hunnybunny

Anonymous said...

Promise Land, Protocol, and a tie between A Corner of the World & The Luncheonette -- my picks, but not in order of preference. *So* hard to choose from these magical, lyrical, myth-like images...Maybe you don't consider yourself a photographer, m'dear, but you sure take memorable photographs!

Yuki said...

Yo, they're all fantastic, yo!!!

If I had to choose my faves, they'd be Room with a View, Promised Land & Luncheonette. Though Corner of the World also was unusual.

Let me know what you win!!!


I like Prayer,The Luncheonette and the one of the top, of her seating next to the window..

Unknown said...

I saw a couple of themes, here are my favs:

1. Your cover photo of Florence sitting & looking out the window (i know its not a selection, but I like it a lot, if not this one maybe "Luncheonette")
2. I Still Have Pain
3. Prayer

Next theme:

1. Hall of Water
2. Not The Movie Airplane
3. The Promise Land

*** Good Luck ***

Britta said...

Difficult to choose since they're all so remarkable. Would probably agree with the theme of Florence's late life, i.e., Prayer, Room with a View, and Luncheonette. would also consider Flo in the kitchen. But also think The Promised Land is funny;

Britta said...

Susan loves the one with Florence in the kitchen, and and the Promised Land.

isiah James said...

Love the luncheonette. It seems to have many stories.
I love seeing people in public places and creating a story of their lives. Alan loves it too!

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Mark Wyatt said...

Not a photographer. Phooie. I'd have to pick prayer, seymour, luncheonete, though not necessarily in that order.
Good Luck. If you don't win then you was robbed.

Anonymous said...

dearest claire
I would make a series of 3 and put them in a concrete order as well, for example:
top pic of flor in kitchen (no title), then flor and whoopi and finally still pain, OR first room w a view, then pain and then luncheonette, OR top flor in kitchen, luncheonette and room view ... do you get my drift? OR flor and whoopi, seymour and top kitchen or still pain... there are certain thematic links between them that I like and makes them complement eachother in different variations, that make them enhance each other- I think those are the strongest n that way, even if I also enjoy some of the others, like the phone and cords...
that's my quarter of say ;-)
fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused now!!! I have my favs and also feel swayed by reading everyone's comments. Lot of great and interesting shots.Can't even deal with the theme thing but there does seem to be two different types of shots. My all time favorite of the first type is Promise land and Corner of the World followed closely by protocol. Of the other type... I like luncheonette, followed by I still have pain.

Good luck! Robyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,

I love the Luncheonette and the Prayer. I also enjoyed the Hall of Water.

Hope things are good with you!


SusanDamante said...

1. PRAYER (Unspoken deep connection)
2. THE LUNCHEONETTE (Sweet & Funny)
3. THE PROMISE LAND (Great use of space)
A Corner of the World is interesting... I thought of how my Dad would scream, "What a waste! I coulda fixed all that stuff!"
I'll be chanting for you to win!
Hugs, Susan

Joyce said...

Hard to pick. I think The Luncheonette, Prayer and Room With a View make a strong and moving trio.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

We like The Luncheonette and Protocol.
Debbie & Ed

Camilla said...

Prayer, Room with a View, Airplane, and The Luncheonette. All awesome. Also, that amazing shot that's at the top of your blog of your mom.


Unknown said...

I like the "corner of the world." Also "I still have pain"

I can't tell whether I like "protocol" because I like i or because it makes me think of the UN. And french toast.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Claire! I love the LUncheonette photo. Then, Seymour talking to his bed, Promise land, hall of water, very much your hommages to your mom! xo c!

c.o. moed said...

Thank you so much Bowsprite - and MANY compliments to your beautiful blog and its drawings.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is "The Promised Land" with "A Corner of the World" a close second. Sorry late/Enjoy the world
Catch you later