Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Normal Meal

Eating pizza, like breathing air, is only noticeable when you stop doing it.  I took both for granted.

Seymour didn't say much to me about breathing, but drilled into me early on, "Pizza is the healthiest fast food.  If you can't get a meal, get pizza."   Since I was figuring out how to feed myself, that was important information.

And, like most of us running up and down the streets of New York before McDonald's and Wendy's and Taco Bell showed up, I ate pizza morning, noon and night and a couple of times in betweenPizza places were oases from rain, from snow, from being lost or not being sure where else to go.

So many things changed. Including what I couldn't eat, what I shouldn't eat and what I wouldn't eat.

Yet, sometimes, just like breathing, you gotta eat pizza

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