Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Memories Of A Guest Artist: To Love To Be Loved

  Paula and Mr. Ishmael, a.k.a, the baby boy cat

Photo by Shelley Glick

[I know now the beloved]
by  Gregory Orr

I know now the beloved
Has no fixed abode,
That each body
She inhabits
Is only a temporary

That she
Casts off forms
As eagerly
As lovers shed clothes.

I accept that he's
Just passing through
That flower
Or that stone.

And yet, it makes
Me dizzy-
The way he hides
In the flow of it,
The way she shifts
In fluid motions,
Becoming other things.

I want to stop him-
If only briefly.
I want to lure her
To the surface
And catch her
In this net of words.

Paula, an old, dear friend is the twinkle in a witty observance and the soft of a breeze.  She has repeatedly dazzled and inspired me with emails filled with poems and photos from her life that sing the secret heart of soul, cat or others.