Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saying Goodbye To De Robertis - Sunday Memories: Back To The Future

On that last night, we suddenly saw the wedding dollies.  Had never seen them before.  They could have been there, but sometimes you don't see something until you are ready to see it.

Doug had already convinced John that he was also marrying the Mariner and me and that the three of us were all off to marital bliss. 

Doug about to make trouble

So, as I stared at the dollies, John offered to take an extra man off one the others. He thought Doug was serious.

"It's New York so you never know," he said politely.  

I let the Mariner pick out the one we wanted.  We wanted the same one.

Doug said he was thrilled John thought that because he, Doug, was worthy of me, but I think Doug was just being sweet and diplomatic.

And maybe the Wedding sign had always been there...

 ...but the pastries were on the other side, so I never saw it until that last night.

The Pasticceria would have been a perfect place to celebrate getting married.  

And yet with the dollies safely home, it feels no matter where we end up and no matter if the dollies are on top of a cupcake or a pile of latkes, we will be, as we always have been coming for sweets and coffee at De Robertis, home.

Long Live the Pasticceria. And good night, De Robertis, wherever you are.

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