Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guest Artist Ben Kushner: ...But You Can't Take The Moxy Out Of The Bronx Girl

Before it was "Fame" and before it became LaGuardia, Ben and I went to Performing Arts High School together.  His mom, Eleanor, now 91, was born at 2083 Clinton Avenue in the Bronx (near Morris Heights).  He shares his journey with Eleanor in Her New York.

The ensuing conversation after urging Eleanor to "behave so that the staff will be nice to you”.

Mom: Have I been good?

Ben: Well, you know what Mae West used to say.

Mom: Come up and see me some time.

Ben: Well, yes, she said that too.  But she also said “When I’m good I’m really good.  But when I’m bad, I’m even better”.  And do you know who she said that to in the movies?  Cary Grant.

Mom: I’d like to say that to Cary Grant.

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