Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Save The Books!!! A New York City Kickstarter Project That Isn't A Film!!!!

The Quartchyard

Somehow, despite all, Clayton Patterson has given the history and the events of the Lower East Sides haven in his work, photos, films, videos and archives.

Somehow, despite all, he and Dr. Mareleyn Schneider have completed a three volume anthology, JEWS, A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE.

And somehow, despite all, including the distributing publisher not having the funds to print, only to distribute, they are determined to get this important collection published.

Clayton was kind enough to include the story I wrote about Cindy and home, The Land Of The Quartchyard in this magnificent collection.

Other pieces include:
  • Emma Goldman – First Slum Goddess of the Lower East Side
  • Jewish Boxing in the Lower East Side
  • Public Baths on the Lower East Side
  • Tuli Kupferberg: The Meaning of the Jew in the Dictionary of Anarchism
Irresistible!! So please join me in supporting this project by joining in and kick starting it!

Every bit helps!

Thank you so much!