Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Memories: Returning to Oz

 John Waters didn't understand why Dorothy wanted to go home.

"To that awful black-and-white farm, with that aunt who was dressed badly, with smelly farm animals around when she could live with winged monkeys and magic shoes and gay lions. I didn't get it."

But what if someone was clicking their heels to get back home to Oz.

From the first airplane ride thirty-five years ago to the one just last week, seeing home in the distance, that wasn't Nebraska or Kansas or wherever rising up from the horizon.  It was Oz.  Beckoning me back from a black-and-white world and flying me into color.

Perhaps Mr. Waters didn't know, but Mr. Baum wrote 14 more books after that first one.  Dorothy returned many times to Oz.  She needed to go home to a place that was the color of her heart and soul.


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