Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Memories Of Love's Labours Lost: Walking the Walk, Walking The Talk

Labor Day for us was just another day where instruments were picked up and scales were practiced.  Being an artist, who could work every day, regardless of its significance, required unique union rules and special job descriptions.

Originally posted October 23, 2008

the only shoes she wore, the contract I found in her papers.

"Self Contract Feb 22 - Feb 29 Mid 1988

From this day forth I choose to do the following.

1. Every AM I will push the blue bedroom chair into the middle of the room and push it back at the the time I go to work

2. Every PM at bedtime - I will turn on ALL the lights of the house; then turn them all off.

3. I will look through one pile of music or drawer of music every day.

4. Every day I will read several pages of my high school diary.

5. Do A.C.T. in AM

This is an irrevocable agreement which I make with myself.

Florence D. Moed
4.47 PM Feb 21-88"