Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The God Of My Understanding
Cannot Be Photoshopped

What if I hadn't turned to look to see if it was raining? 

What if I had been more interested in listening to French colleagues speak French?  You know anything they are saying (even if it is "gee, I hope there's mayo in the fridge") sounds better than any poem I could write.   

What if I had been, as usual, staring at my cell phone, hoping for a message out of the blue that would change everything?  (You ARE the winner of the obscure writer's lottery!!! Just click here!!)

What if?

But I did turn.

At the precise and brief moment a corridor, often packed with the world coming and going, had just emptied out.

In that rare empty space, the most beautiful building in the world stepped forward and reminded me, and reminded me and reminded me again.  

The greater expanse was always unfolding before my eyes.

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