Thursday, June 11, 2015

More of What the Tourists Didn't See

It was another one of our long walks-and-talks.

But not on the main avenues and thruways...there were just way too many tourists pouring over the the city, slowing down for the good weather or stopping suddenly for the map that always seemed to be upside when I would peek over their shoulder.

So we walked with other tired and rushed New Yorkers in the know, weaving along back streets and odd walkways.  For a brief moment it was as if it was a sleepy day in an almost empty city.

Tillie needed to get food before heading back to the western part of downtown. 

Forty years ago, there was no place to shop for food because no one lived there except industrial sites and diners.  Now there was no place to shop for food because everything was exorbitantly overpriced, often in triplicate because most of the people living in the former industrial sites were billionaires.

"I have to repack my bags," Tillie said and we stopped in one of the small side streets that also doubled as a parking lot and was once named after a police commissioner now in jail.

And that's when I looked up.

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