Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Operative Word Was "AND"

On the eve Of Dana's 91st year Chinese food was ordered up.

There was no choosing this OR that. There was only AND.

So curry shrimp AND eggplant, dumplings AND spareribs, hot and sour soup AND wonton. And when they offered a free dish or soda, we all voted for the dish. AND sesame chicken. AND two kinds of apple pastries. AND rugelah....


So we ate as we wished, as much as we wanted and in the case of the spare ribs as much as we could.

The ridiculous OR and the arbitrary NO, that stupid CAN'T - all those inconsiderate words that pushed delight and pleasure into tiny boxes and corseted moments were finally defeated. This birthday year would be the year of the AND.

AND Polly the cat agreed.