Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In His California, Handsome Is
As Handsome Does...

I took one look at that photo and blurted out, "Len, you were trouble!" 

Len just laughed.

But one look at that cocky stance and what else could you think?  All 18 proud years of him barely filling out his sailor uniform but bursting with vim and vigor, standing outside the house he grew up in, vegetable garden in the back, small town, one-room school house, and a ton of brothers who could make their own basketball team.

71 years later he still got that wicked dimple and that smart-alecky swagger. 

Stomping three times around the mall early in the morning, walking up the stairs, not down, down was the easy way, reroofing his house, clearing the gutters, terracing the backyard garden, laying down patio tiles (97 stones to be exact), tending the flowers, the fruit trees, the lawn, the kids, the home, my dad, the world...

I can't keep up.

But when I grow up I wanna be just like Len.

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