Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jupiter's New Year's Day

Checked clock to make sure it really was 4:00 am.

Sat on human face.

Sat by empty food bowl.

Stared at empty food bowl.

Bumped into legs to get the can opened faster.

Stared at full food bowl.

Humped Goldie.

Stared at Goldie eating from full food bowl.

Pushed Goldie out of the way.

Stared at full food bowl.


Humped Goldie.

Ate what Goldie left over.

Sat by front door.

Stared at front door.


Sat on newspapers.

Bit human's arm.

Made human check food bowl.

Stared at human.

Stared at full food bowl.

Stared at new food in food bowl.

Humped Goldie.


Curled up near human.

Licked arm.

Allowed human to kiss face and scratch ear.


Best day ever.

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