Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Memories: The Fountain Of Youth

How did Florence and Seymour know soda was so bad for you? 

Somehow they did and that meant that beyond the once-a-week-at-Gramma's, it just wasn't allowed.  Drinking soda was something I watched in other people's worlds or on TV. 

On our rare trips to Katz for a hotdog, Dr. Brown's Cream Sodas were even rarer. So, a lot of time was spent at Katz's water fountain, all the way in the back along the wall, across from the ladies room.  

That magic lever was the closest I'd get to a fountain soda for years.  I gulped glass after glass of water that was crisp and clear and delicious.   Not like the cloudy, luke-warm tap water we had at home.

Just the other night, one of our rare trips to Katz, but this time for a shared brisket sandwich, I had a Dr. Brown's Cream Soda.  After all, I was an adult and I could have anything I wanted.  But, half way into the meal, I was back at the best water fountain in the world.  It was delicious.

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