Saturday, April 25, 2020

Guest Artist: Paine - Notes from the Inside #6

My friend Paine, who is on the autism spectrum, checks in again.  And he calls it as he sees it  - skype as much as you need to - getting "together" is important.  But to really flatten the curve, action talks and BS walks.  Put on a mask and gloves and keep social distance.  Actively work to flatten the curve.

Personally, this resonates for me.  I stepped outside for the first time in a month to see a doctor and I saw way too many people (mostly under 30! Why?) walking around without a mask or gloves.   Those folks are more dangerous to me that an 1970s mugger at 2 a.m. in the morning.


Since I started writing these notes, a lot of things have happened, not just in the world, but in my own life.
I managed to find another job that pays well and I’ve heard a lot of good things about people coming together to raise money for and awareness about the virus. This is great, this needs to keep going if we are to get out of our current situation.
Our leaders need to put aside politics, put aside egos, do what they were put in office to do and help the American people.
The media needs to stop spreading fear of the disease and tell us what is being done to help contain and eventually cure it, but most of all, we as a nation need to come together and help each other get through these dark times and not just by getting together via Skype or FaceTime or whatever webcam service people use to talk to each other or have a singalong.
We need to do our part to fight this virus, whether it be washing our hands, wearing a face mask and gloves when we go out or even donating to help with the effort in combating the virus. This situation will get resolved, how long and how fast it takes for it to do so is up to us.