Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bloggers Gone Wild!!!

I think it was Jeremiah's (Vanishing New York) idea to "cash mob" a local business. That's when a whole bunch of people all show up at the same time and patronize the business.

Everybody wanted Ray's. That's the candy-newspaper shop where, in 1971 or 2, I used to stop by after babysitting on 22nd Street. It was often the only place on Avenue A with lights on. Ray's, being a little hole in the wall, will be another night.

I voted for Odessa over Lucy's because Lucy's had just gotten written up in the New York Times.

So with internet announcements abounding, a mob of nine gathered. Some of the best bloggers were there, including Gog In New York, East Village Corner, Tripping with Marty and One More Folded Sunset.

Between bites of challah grilled cheese, blintzes, kielbasi, pierogis and borscht, we assured one another that great revolutions often started with just a few brilliant minds and some really good food.

And Danny, happily giving out separate checks, got cashed by our mob. Now it's your turn.

Odessa Restaurant


(212) 253-1470

119 Ave A
New York, NY10009