Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's Child is Loving and Giving and ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!

Henry and his little boy

 Social Tees says:  It's moments like these that keep us going when things get challenging... which they often do in rescue. We hold onto these messages and memories in our mental treasure box and lovingly bring them out on darker days.  The scruffy little mutt here was adopted just a few days ago and has happily found a boy to call his own.

His new mom says: "Henry (formerly Sonny) is already right at home. True to his foster mom's description, he is most content cuddling next to you and getting a good belly rub. He follows the kids around as they play and has staked out two favorite napping spots around the house.

Henry is loving the snow and according to my 4-year-old son, he likes making snow angels (really, its him romping and rolling around in the snow and doing some kind of funny army crawl with a goofy grin on his face).

Every morning, my 2- year-old daughter excitedly gets out of her crib to go right to Henry and gives him a kiss and she makes sure to end the day the same way.

 We couldn't be happier to have Henry join our family. Thanks to Social Tees and the AMAZING foster care families who so lovingly take care of these babies until they arrive their forever homes!"

Social Tees says:  Thank goodness for fabulous families like Henry's. Thank YOU for providing our rescue dogs with the forever homes they so dearly deserve.


We have lots of puppies available for adoption now!!! Omg!!!! Get 'em while they're cute!!! Just kidding, they will always be cute lol.

Golden mixes, lab mixes, Schnauzer mixes, and more!! Find details at and complete an application at NOW!!!


Ella is an amazing lady with a heart of good and a strong spirit.

She had it rough for a while where she was used and abused as a breeding machine, but she's been resting up and recovering for a few months and is feeling much better!

She is 5 years old, about 55 lbs, and as absolutely fantastically warm and loving as dogs come. She is friendly with everyone, adores cuddling, walks well on a leash, and NAPS ALL DAY - PERFECT FOR A WRITER!!!  Or anyone else who sits still for long periods of time.

Please give this girl a warm home and lots of cuddles! Fostering starts today and lasts 2 to 4 weeks, pickup is at Social Tees. Email NOW if you can help!!!


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