Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Look Back in Love
With Some Really Good Food

Under the category, "Eat Dessert First!"  the Mariner and I are off to our pre-elopement honeymoon.  What better time than to look back in love.  With food.  Which is also love.

In this city where modern means 1897 because old means 1305, there are a billion more small shops than there are supermarkets.

And there are a trillion more candy shops. Like this one where the streets are paved not with gold, but with chocolate.  Looking at it I wondered how the diaspora would have turned out if that's what my grandparents had heard.

In this old city that feels as sprightly as New York, there are restaurants where the house wine comes out of a sprocket in the wall...

....bottled in a whiskey bottle and chilled.

And dinner is so beautiful, even the soccer player had to take a picture of it...

...with a real camera, not a cell phone.

The meal disappeared in half the time it took to cook it.

And in quiet corners by monuments of love and prayer to the angels still unfinished after 100 years....

...sweet, warm drinks are there to remind us love feeds us just like a good meal.

And to start thinking about where we are going to eat dinner.


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