Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Food By The Pound

Amidst the new glass buildings touting history they never had and the reformed old factory buildings offering luxury lofts and the illusion those architectural details had been forged over generations by a family's art, some New York still thrived on Chambers Street. 

And we were hungry.

We asked the Trilogy Photo guy where to go.  He pointed to the Chinese place across the street.

"Are they good?" we asked.
"Nobody complains about them," he said.

At $4.99 a pound buffet (3.99 after 2:30) the lunch buffet was the perfect chance to sit down in still familiar settings and indulge in a banquet of many delights.

Finishing up the Mariner said, "Even if the food were poisoned, no one would complained about the meal."

I was just glad to be in glass that was affordable.