Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Kind Of Happy Endings

We were walking down St. Marks on our way to look at things we could suddenly afford.  But you walk down a street for, like, 40 years, a lot of them pretty sucky, it's not walking.  More like stepping around unpleasant remains mixed with dog shit.  Short and long travels then require a ballet dancer's grace and a lot of professional help.

"Tell me when you see someplace with happy memories," the Mariner said.

"That place!" I said, pointing to the Holiday Cocktail Lounge. Definitely remembered a great night there.  Even with the really drunk 90 year old man hitting on all the butch girls.     
Then I looked. "Oh, it's closed." 

"Every place you have a happy memory about has been shut down," the Mariner pointed out.

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