Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving: Cool Cat Bob, The Angora!

Her New York is teaming up with Social Tees Animal Rescue!

Every Friday features a wonderful Friday Child that is waiting 
to join someone's family and make their house a home.

Rumor has it that Cool Cat Bob, the Angora inspired the line "Cool Cat looking for a kitty, gonna look in every corner of the city...." 

With his super fluffy silky medium length coat of fur, six-year old Bob is so calm and cool, it's why you can't see his spectacular yellow eyes.  

Social Tees
325 East 5th Street, NY, NY 10003; 
5-7pm Mon to Fri; 
12-4pm Sat & Sun; 

If you can't adopt him today, he'll be hanging loose and cool at Petco / Union Square Saturday 12-4pm.

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