Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving And That's Why Home Is Wonderful

There's a reason Friday's Child is now a part 


Wendy and Peter (named by the 6-year-old --awesome choice!) are two munchkins recently adopted by a kickass family near Social Tees on 5th Street in New York City. 

Mom says, "We are so glad we got them as a pair. They adjusted to their new home immediately and are very happy and confident little kittens. Luckily, they came to us with an instant trust and love of people, so they are a joy to be around. They have also adjusted well to our one adult cat and dog."


Russel had been from shelter to shelter, and foster home to foster home.  

And this pet owner had just lost her first dog, a rescued chihuahua named Duke who had died in her arms this summer. He had a heart murmur and his heart failed.  She was heartbroken and it took several months to mourn. 

"And yet," she wrote Social Tees, "time seems to heal even the deepest wounds."  Seeking a new friend that would be quirky and sweet like her little Duke, but with his own flare and personality. she came upon Russel's photos online and read his story, and her heart melted. She and her boyfriend were determined to give him a forever home. 

"Although Russel did not warm up to me right away, I knew it was just because he was scared and angry that he was getting uprooted once again. But it did not take long for him to realize how much we care, and now he is so happy. He's loving and playful and everything a dog owner could ever want! Thank you Social Tees Animal Rescue for helping me find the perfect little guy to brighten my life and help me heal!"  


As Goldie continues to get stronger and healthier every day, moments of brief detente unfold.

However, the road to peace is filled with ups and downs, with negotiations on Jupiter's domination and cornering activities still contentious issues.  Some successful bopping on the head by Goldie, however, has brought peace talks to possible new ground. 

Do you want to participate in 
Friday's Child?

Not everybody can bring an animal home.  Not everybody lives in New York.  That's why Social Tees just started an Amazon Wish List. It's easy, it's fast and you never have to risk any allergies or a plane trip when you click a button.

Or, if you do live in New York but still can't bring an animal home or don't have the time for a weekly commitment, why not do a drive for materials for Social Tees!?

Visit them at their MATERIAL DRIVE COLLECTION page and find out how easy it can be! 

And if you live in New York and are in the neighborhood, stop by the 5th Street Store front 5-7pm weekedays and the Petco adoption events weekends!

Do you want to foster or adopt???!!!!

 It's easy.  All you have to do is fill out a form


Meet Billie Holiday, the friendliest little pittie in town.  She's two years old, 55 pounds, and full of loving wiggles. Sadly, her current owner has become ill and unable to care for her any longer. Billie is housebroken, great with other dogs, and super nice to everyone she meets -- including kids! She needs a bit of leash training and some exercise, and she would make a wonderful jogging partner.


Fostering lasts a few weeks, and Social Tees can provide supplies if you need them.  Fostering is SUPER important because it's much healthier for our animals to be in homes than in cages, and it expands our shelter virtually.

AND for every cat and dog that is placed in a foster home, Social Tees can pull another out of the kill shelter. So if you are an animal-lover with commitment issues, FOSTER!!!

For more info on fostering, check out our FAQs here.

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