Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Neutral This

What is Net Neutrality?

Click here and have it all laid out, including information about coyote urine.  

Funny, wasn't it? But, I bet you're a bit worried now.  

Me, too. 

Chairman Wheeler of the FCC, having received thousands and thousands (yes the site crashed several times) of emails, wanted to hear PERSONAL reasons why Net Neutrality is so fundamental to our freedom of speech being protected, preserved and kept democratic ( you know, like what that Constitution and Bill of Rights says).

So, I wrote him a letter: 

Dear Mr. Wheeler: 

I understand that you wanted PERSONAL stories from all us little non-corporate people about why Net Neutrality is so important to us.  OK.  

I'm a great writer - not mainstream.  Don't do romance novels that both Republicans and Democrats can read.  I write brief moments of New York City through the prism of the heart.  And people all over the world read my little moments and get a sense of a human being living in a city in a country that isn't always very nice.  It's how world peace starts: person to person.  Oh this Jew-girl from NYC is just like me, someone living in Sudan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, China...

Now, I don't have a lot of money or power but I have a great voice.  The way the internet works now allows me equal play and opportunity just like the folks who get to have a staff.  You know, like democracy and how I was always told as a kid that everyone has the chance to become their dreams in America and anyone can become a president in the United States stuff.

NO, NOT anyone can become president.  You got to be a Bush for that.  But with how the internet works now, I'm equally seen and heard. And quite frankly, I am really good and my work deserves that level playing field. 

BTW if money wasn't involved, the big guys wouldn't be so gung-ho. And I don't think you asked THEM for personal stories about why they want to be paid to go fast while the rest of us will go slow and please do not give me that bull#$* about fast and faster.  It will be slow-free and fast-expensive.

BTW again:  myprivateconey.blogspot.com

I'm good. And undoing the internet's democracy is barely America.  So do your job and uphold America where everyone can make their dreams come true because the playing field is actually level.

C.O. Moed


So.  Write your own letter and send it here.  

Feel free to tell Mr. Wheeler you agree with me (especially about my writing).  

Remind him about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.   

Tell him how, perhaps with a staff, or with barely a nickel in your pocket, the internet allows you to get to know everybody in the world, if you so choose and have the time, by reading their stories and telling your own.  

Remind him that world peace begins that way.  

And if you only visit cat videos and my blog, inform him that poor folks do just as good cat videos as people with endorsement deals.  Net Neutrality will make sure Simon the cat has just as good a chance as Henri

Here's the petition, again:

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