Thursday, April 4, 2013

God In The Details

photo: J.L. Wong

"OCCUPY ME", a small romp through decades of accumulation that happened when no one was looking just got published in TRIVIA!

Getting the announcement, I missed Florence. Work was where we met, and saw and heard one another.  Not my personal life (with the exception of Joni), not my make-money-pay-rent life, not the small joys or the big hopes, not even illness or adventures to lands she had never visited.  Just work - the work that required sitting down and dropping in deep to places very few went.

In those moments where we kept each other rare company, we were not just invisible women behind closed studio doors.  We were artists.


TRIVIA, deriving from "tri-via" (crossroads), was one of the names of the Triple Goddess. Recognizing that what is of primary importance in and about women's lives tends to be relegated to the margins of patriarchal history and thought, dismissed as "trivial," we conceive TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism as a place at the crossroads where women's ideas, words, and images can assume their original power and significance. We operate with (and within) an expansive definition of feminism, one that recognizes diversity of thought and practice across boundaries and borders of all kinds.