Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top (and a Couple of Dresses) Goes Pop!

It was a rare date night of dinner and a movie.  We thought First Avenue might have something cheap and unfamiliar so we headed out. 

Imagine the delight and surprise when we arbitrarily decided to walk down Ninth Street rather than St. Marks and saw this.

DL Cerney had come home to the East Village!  At least until August 30th.

For years, this rare dress - suit - shirt - vintage shoes store nestled between McSorley's and the Ukrainian gift shop.  And then - O.K. I know you're going to be shocked - the rent went up.  DL Cerney had an amazing sale to end all sales and then went upstate and online.

It is rare either one of us would choose clothes over food but, hopping up the steps of the Pop-Up-Stop, choose we did.

Linda St. John had filled the Umbrella Arts Gallery with awe-inspiring frocks...

...and some beautiful men's slacks and shirts... 

... as well as her memoir, Even Dogs Go Home to Die

As we looked around and talked to Linda, I remembered one of those rare and special moments that happens in a new relationship. 

Years ago, we had seen the 'Going-Out-of-Business' signs in the window of the 7th Street shop and stopped by to find out more.  

The dresses there all looked like they remembered the curves of a woman's body and, although buying one was out of my reach, I couldn't resist.  And when I slipped one on the Mariner's face melted.  When your beau's face melts like that, there is nothing to do but buy the dress.

This time was no different only it was him who slipped on a beautiful shirt that celebrated his beautiful eyes and it was me who melted.

Nothing to do but....

DL Cerney
at the Umbrella Arts Gallery
317 East 9th Street between First and Second Avenue
July 6 - August 30, 2015

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