Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Memories: First Love

Captain Kirk on the starship, Enterprise
doing something important

For one thing (as Florence always said), I thought he was real. Which meant I thought the spaceship was real.

And another thing (as Florence always said) I really, really wanted to live up there with him where ever that was.

It wasn't just a nicer home I was after. In his world problems actually got solved and there also seemed to be a lot of good food literally at the push of a button.

But none of the subways seemed to lead anywhere near Captain Kirk's neighborhood. So, after our once-a-week Friday night visit to Gramma's to watch another hour of his life, I'd walk home with my older and wiser sister and have her explain to me everything that was really going on.

I wanted to be prepared for a better home where problems got worked out.