Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dana Never Took Anything Lying Down

There was nothing more annoying than being seen as a "cute" old lady - the punchline of someone's limited imagination.   Dana was good at stopping those shenanigans.

Another in the series celebrating Dana's extraordinary life and rapier wit.


Originally posted September 30, 2014

Bedtime Story

Dana and Trudy are best friends. 

This is them when they were only 88 years old.

They're both a bit older now.

Just the other day, Trudy came down to New York for a visit and Dana wanted to get out of the house.  So they somehow made their way to Union Square.

They were sitting in the sun enjoying the day and each others' company, minding their own business, when a very posh lady, with a TV crew trailing behind her approached them.

Could she interview them for a television show she was hosting?

I think it was Dana who shrugged 'why not', since Trudy was a bit more shy.

"What did you do with your husbands that was 'hot'?" the TV host asked them.

Trudy was aghast, but Dana didn't miss a beat.

"Well!  We turned off the lights!"

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