Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If Emily Dickinson Had Lived in New York

If Emily Dickinsons had lived in New York, maybe she would have written....

 "a pigeon came down my window sill; 
he did not know I saw 
he pushed his sibling out into air
so he could have the nest..."

or  ...

"Hope is the thing in my shopping cart, 
packed with veggies from Union Square...."


 "I'm somebody, who are you? 
are you somebody too? 
Then there's a pair of us -- too cool for school.."

Still.. I cannot imagine the poem she'd write of the young man...

...who, when no one was watching, snuck into the back doors of the movie theater.

on the other hand...

"Because I could not afford the movie
The Movie kindly afforded me
The doors held open but just a second
and I got to see the Intern for free! "

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