Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving
And Waiting For You!


This gorgeous spotted man was adopted earlier this year as a fuzzy little puppy -- my, how he's grown!

Social Tees just got this sweet email from his dad:

"Just wanted to give you a little update on my border collie Prince I adopted from you. I am so pleased to say that you guys have given me my best friend.

This dog is completely awesome. His personality is very sweet and friendly.  He plays great with other dogs and I keep him very social. He is a genius (sometimes smarter than me I think) so training is a breeze for him and he is always eager to play ball or with a disk. Sometimes he can be a pain but thats a border collie puppy for ya."

WAIT!!! NO!!!! IT CAN'T BE!!!!


A couple of weeks ago Lotus was rescued, a special Facebook page was set up to help her and other horrifically abused animals, and Friday's Child highlighted her.  She has barely any fur and gaping wounds all over her.

Look at her now.

Social Tees says: 

That's right, our girl Lotus! She was kind enough to give us a nice brisk stroll in this lovely warm October weather. Lotus was so jazzed to get out of her kennel for a while, she skipped down the street with the most adorable little strut. 

This girl's booty is happy! She walks super well on a leash and stops all over the place to soak up all of the smells the East Village has to offer... just like a normal dog. 

Her skin is still a bit crusty and sour smelling, and she's got some weight to gain, but her fur is starting to come in nicely. We walked along, shared some pizza crust, stopped here and there for petting sessions, and we can't wait to see her again tomorrow. Her pushed in little face and curled up tail are so irresistible!

PS -- THANK YOU to all of you wonderful supporters who have donated money toward her vet care and material donations via our Amazon wish list. We left her with some chew sticks today and boy was she thrilled. More pics to come!!!


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