Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Memories: Jutta's Hands
And the Life They Traveled

Several weeks ago, at the 6th Annual Queens World Film Festival I dove into a sea of dazzling works by many young and sometimes not so young women filmmakers daring the world to look them in the eye through their stories.  The world is a wonderfully different place now, women of all ages stepping forward insisting the colors and shapes and shadows that sculpt their tales be seen and noted.  

So long ago, I only had Jutta and Lina Wertmuller.  And now matter how much I watched men and women delve into sex in German, it was Jutta where a more important and quieter discussion took place.

Originally Posted December 24, 2014

Sunday Memories Of Jutta's Kitchen: 
This Is What The Journey Looks Like

 Oh, let me take a picture of your hands, I beg Jutta.

No!  They're so... Look at them, she says.

They're incredible.  They're beautiful, I tell her.  I've always loved taking pictures of them.  They are the genesis, the beginning of everything...

Oh, well then, she says, giving the best girlish giggle in the world, they got this way from painting.

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