Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving And That's What Troy Is!!!!

There's a reason Friday's Child is now a part 
of Her New York, if only to say thank you.

TODAY is the LAST DAY to give to the Campaign for Troy!!!!!

This is Troy and if you have ever met a cuter, sweeter, more delicious, adorable, loving dog, well then damnit you have met Troy.

Little Troy was rescued from a high-kill shelter in NYC. Before he ended up there, he was severely neglected, kept exclusively in a tiny cage, and only fed scraps every other day. Due to lack of nutrition, space, exercise, (and love!), he did not grow properly -- his legs are deformed, his teeth are rotting, and his body is weak from muscle atrophy. 

But despite his rocky start, this little angel is happy! He LOVES EVERY HUMAN HE MEETS, showering them with wiggles and kisses.   

See for yourself in this video about Bark Box which he stars in!  I mean, can you just plotz!!!!!

Social Tees wanted to help this boy get a shot at life and give him the medical attention he needs.  So they put out a call for donations for his medical treatment.  And everybody shared the words. 

So far a whopping $3,692 has been raised, a huge chunk of that within the past few days alone. PLEASE help them reach the goal of $6,000 so Troy's medical plan can be completed!

Read Troy's story and DONATE HERE: and PLEASE DONATE, PLEASE SHARE!!!! Which, the second you watch him in that video you won't be able to stop yourself!!!

Infinite gratitude goes out to all of the wonderfully generous souls who have already contributed to this angel's recovery.


Troy in Bark Box's video!



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