Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Memories - ... Coming of Age

It seemed normal at the time because in New York that's what you did at the neighborhood bar. You brought your kids, your kid brother, your kid sister, whoever... after all that's how I went to the bar the first time. Florence took me. I was 17.

So for me to bring Sissy to the bar when she was 12 was no big deal. (Well, she did look 14.) And it's not like I let her drink or get too interested in all the very grown men flirting with her. (Well, to them she did looked 18 and that was legal drinking age back then.)

Now Sissy got three children and she says she's not letting them visit me until they're 30. Well, it's not like I would take them to bar or anything. For one thing, I barely drink these days. And for another thing, there's just not enough other kids hanging out at the bar anymore to keep them company.