Thursday, February 11, 2016

Step into the Light and Be Known

There are times those 10,000 hours it takes to become even kinda good at my reason for being alive feels as futile as spitting into the wind.  Futile as in why do I even get up to do it again this morning? Why do I send my work out over and over again? 

Why do I keep leaping into unknowns, planting things that never seem to grow, showing up again and again and again?


I can keep keeping on, get the hell out of the wind and demand to be seen.

Like Katha Cato introducing the Queens World Film Festival.

And heard.

Like Elisabeth Lohninger, singing at a Monday night bar.

And counted.

Like Melvin Van Peebles talking to a theater full of filmmakers about making something that no one thought could be made.

A hellava lot better than spitting in the wind.

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