Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Memories: The Geology Of A New Year

One knew me when I was born and Florence was a young woman, living in Knickabockavillage practicing piano in bare feet. A muse from the moment I could toddle down the street towards her, she let me know there was a world I belonged to beyond the limits of family and neighborhood.

The other knew me when I was still (theoretically) fertile and preparing for marriage and moving. On a night I could barely talk or cry, and in the midst of her own heartbreak, she came over to make sure I was ok and then showed up week after week after week, until the hardest goodbye could be said.

This pile-up of years, toppled constantly by changes - some sudden, some slow - brought the three of us together to break fast and begin a new year together at a place where the borscht hasn't changed in 35 years.

Shona Tova.