Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What Dana Says is a Blessing for the Future

Bits and pieces of Dana are slowly beginning to visit other places.   

Yet, she is like a lighthouse.   

When you least expect it, her brilliant light explodes into clarity and words that change the world.  David, her son takes as many down as he can and shares them with me.

Over the next while, old stories and new moments of Dana will be noted.  What Dana Says is worth pulling close and holding tight. 


Dana and David gave us a little apres-wedding celebration with Veselka's mushroom barley soup and borscht and apple pie with vanilla ice cream

We showed off happy pictures and regaled them with stories of the wedding and the party.

Dana listened intently.

But she didn't say much.  That gave Polly plenty of chances to take a gander at the vanilla ice cream melting on Dana's plate.

They spoke privately to one another at some point.

And then Dana surrendered the plate and returned to our babbling and gossiping.

"Give them a blessing," David asked his mother.

She rose to her feet and we all held hands.

What was said next was so beautiful, we all knew we'd never remember every word.

Sometime the purest of love is like that.  You just get to be in it for a moment, like standing in soft wind and knowing autumn was slowly going away.  You still grab at the air.  You still try to keep it forever.

You can keep time.  But you can't keep it.

The few words we caught in our sticky fingers were these:

"My memory, which I have lost most of, lives inside you.  The future ahead needs much work.  So go into it with my memories..."

She would insist on walking us to the door ("how would you find it otherwise?") but not before she and Polly looked ahead into a new memory.


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