Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Moments and Memories
Of What Dana Says

Bits and pieces of Dana are slowly beginning to visit other places.   

Yet, she is like a lighthouse.   

When you least expect it, her brilliant light explodes into clarity and words that change the world.  David, her son takes as many down as he can and shares them with me.

Over the next while, old stories and new moments of Dana will be noted.  What Dana Says is worth pulling close and holding tight. 


David, Polly and Dana in the kitchen during a recent visit

Dana started getting Meals-On-Wheels food:  "Some of this is not edible.  It got caught on the wheels."

One afternoon I went down to visit.  There were notes all over that she would be calling Trudy, her best friend. I asked her about how she knew she and Trudy would be these best friends.  "I just knew.  I walked up to that door and started knocking.  I was the new girl in the neighborhood and I just knew that behind that door was my best friend."

I thought she seemed to be living in this new space of thought without the struggle I had witnessed Florence so often have.  But David said that wasn't quite so.

"I'm trying to find an attitude that fits all fears," she had told him.

A woman, like Florence, who had traveled the five corners of New York and a good deal of the world, Dana now traveled between rooms of her apartment.  No matter her delight at soup brought to her or company kept, she wanted different.  "I"m becoming a vegetable from sitting around all the time.  I want to become meat again."

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