Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Pick One. The Rest Will Follow."

There was so much to do.  Clean so I could breathe again, not have my eyes tear from the cat fur, return the overdue book to the library, tend to the cats especially the one getting so overweight he no longer could jump on the bed the first time, do all the physical therapy exercises so that one day I could walk comfortably again, call all the calls I needed to call, answer all the emails days old... Do Do all this even though the smallest move felt like moving through sludge.  How, then, how to start? 

"Pick one.  The rest will follow," this ancient woman once said to me. 

I am her age now.  And I still don't know how...

The cat made it easier.  Start at the beginning.  Stop running around and sit so you remember who you are and how you are supposed to be here.

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