Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving
And You Deserve That In Your Life

Every day, Goldie and Jupiter keep my heart open just by being fabulous.

 Goldie being fabulous


Whitey is 6 years old and extremely absurdly friendly. He's a total catch, wonderful with everyone!


Social Tees rescued 10-year-old Kaiser aka Elvis (the darker dog) a few months ago when his former owner was hospitalized.   At the Kaiser had terribly long nails and wretched teeth, and he was very overweight. He had spent almost no time outside for years.

Social Tees placed Kaiser in one of the best foster homes ever had the pleasure of finding where he had time to decompress and socialize and learn to be a dog again. He also had a dental (most of his teeth were rotten so they were removed) and lost loads of weight! Then fate recently helped his forever family find him, and now he has a Dachshund brother named Luddy. 

His new mom says: "Kaiser is great. He's very cute and funny. He has a lot more energy than you might think and acts crazy outside and when we come home from work. He kind of hops with happiness. He cracks us up. He's always loose in the house even if we are not home. 

I feel bad about his teeth, I think he misses them, but he eats canned Natural Balance very easily. Sometimes we have farina together as well. We love him and so does everyone who meets him. He's irresistible. 

You know, he lost his owner who took marginal care of him, went to a great foster home, had a ton of medical stuff done in a short time, then had to leave his foster and come here -- and none of that got him down. 

And because of Social Tees his luck turned and his never failing hope was rewarded. So many dogs everywhere, softly wagging their tails and hanging on to hope. You show fate that a life in trouble doesn't have to stay that way.  I tell people that's what you do; you wrestle with fate until happiness wins. I say, 'Consider adopting that older dog. You won't regret it.'" WOW. Literally choking back tears right now."


This warm, loving Ridgeback-Greyhound mix was just abandoned because her former owner can no longer care for her. 

She is 7 years old and about 55 lbs. She is a little shy but very sweet.   She's good with other dogs and well mannered.

Please help!!! We can't bare to put her in a cage after she's been through so much. Give this girl a warm place to sleep!!! Fostering starts tonight and lasts 2 to 4 weeks; pickup is at Social Tees; email NOW if you can help!!!! 


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