Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Taking Flight

Goggla aka Laura Goggin aka Goggla always took the best pictures of the East Village, our neighbors, beloved bars, the sky and sometimes it seemed even the wind.

Then some red-tailed hawks moved into the neighborhood.  Christo and Dora.  And Goggla turned her camera on them.

This past Saturday night, up five or six flights of old marble stairs - because sometimes you gotta climb up high to see birds -  in a building still overlooked by developers, in an apartment where the bathtub in the kitchen transformed into a bar, in a home lived in for 40 years by the same person, Goggla's photos of Christo and Dora covered the wall and amazed our eyes.

And now they can amaze yours.

Goggin Photography

Laura Goggin on Photoshelter.com

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