Thursday, February 23, 2012

The War of the Walkers

It was mid-day and the bus was packed with walkers. Most of us sidled by or stepped gingerly over the wheels that couldn't help but protrude a bit into an already narrow aisle.

However, the lady with the cane was peeved and as she got off, complained loudly and directly to the several walker owners about how much space they took up.

I thought, well, how great it is that we live in a city where buses have these platforms that go down to the sidewalk and then rise you up like the Queen Mother on her way to christen a ship. How great it is we live in a city where people with walkers and canes and wheelchairs and just tired old legs still move through it as they always have, only now with a little extra spin.

How great it is we live in a city where it is still yours and mine and hers and his New York even when we get too old for just two legs.