Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Even as Twilight Fills the Room,
What Dana Says Bursts Open Our Hearts

Dana's visits to other places deep under water or far, far away now filled her days and her nights.

Yet, still, when we least expected it, her brilliant light exploded into clarity and words that change the world.

Today was no different.

The fading afternoon wasn't one of her better days.  The mushroom-barley soup from Veselka's perked her up but after a few spoonfuls she requested she not be rushed to eat more.

We sat and visited with one another, Dana occasionally returning to say a word or two.

Kathleen murmured to us that after those slips under deep water, Dana sometimes "felt like shit."

She leaned into Dana and gently asked, "How do you feel, Dana?"

And without missing a bit, Dana answered, "Like shit,"

What Dana Says is worth pulling close and holding tight.


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