Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Look Back In Love: My Mama Done Told Me

Under the category, "Eat Dessert First!"  the Mariner and I are off to our pre-elopement honeymoon.  What better time than to look back in love.

Originally posted on May 8, 2008:

Florence is refusing to do much but lie in bed. I say, "Fine. You don't want to get out of bed, then go lay down and die."

She yells, "Lie down! Lie down!"

I say, "You can't get out of bed, but you can still correct my grammar?"

She yells, "Yes! It matters!"


She doesn't. The Jonathan Schwartz show starts.

We sit in quietness together

I look at her butchered hair. That's because the week before I took the household scissors and chopped off big chunks of it. Before I did that it was a huge halo of wildness, so thick and silver sparkling. Now it was a huge halo of wildness that got caught in a buzz saw.

Sinatra comes on. She starts singing along.

"My mama done told me... a woman is two faced... cry in the night..."

Knowing something of her dating history, I ask her if that's true.

She says, "I didn't make it up. That's what's written."

I start laughing. She asks why.

"You're singing with heart."

Shrugs, "I'm just trying to get the words."

And then she, who broke many hearts of many old girls and garnered many angry love letters and hurtful looks across crowded dances put on by the local gay senior citizen group, she looks up and asks, "Is it true? A woman is two faced?"

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