Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving and Giving and Loving and Loving and Giving and...

There's a reason Friday's Child is now a part 
of Her New York, if only to say thank you.


Dear Social Tees!

We just wanted to send you a quick update to say how much we love Frodo.  

After spending a couple of days mostly hiding under the couch or bed, he is now comfortably and happily lounging on the bed, getting lots of hugs, and sitting somewhat awkwardly on his kitty castle. 

He is such a sweet and playful cat, and he brings us an admittedly ridiculous amount of joy. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives, and for all that you do for so many other pets that need loving homes. It is truly amazing! We'll keep you updated on his life, and send you particularly silly/cute pictures.

With love,
Liz and Simon (and Frodo)


Do you want to foster or adopt???!!!!

 It's easy.  All you have to do is fill out a form

Meet Cheo the Corgi mix

Cheo the Corgi mix is 8 years old and losing his vision,  but as sweet and grateful as ever to be here. 

We have a real soft spot for older animals in need. So often, they get overlooked for younger, "cuter" animals. But senior dogs and cats are just as loving, affectionate, special, and deserving as any other critter waiting to find a true forever home. 

We take as many out of the kill shelters as our resources will allow for. With your help, we can rescue even more! 

Please foster a senior or make a donation to support their food and medical costs today at


Fostering lasts a few weeks, and Social Tees can provide supplies if you need them.  Fostering is SUPER important because it's much healthier for our animals to be in homes than in cages, and it expands our shelter virtually.

AND for every cat and dog that is placed in a foster home, Social Tees can pull another out of the kill shelter. So if you are an animal-lover with commitment issues, FOSTER!!!

For more info on fostering, check out our FAQs here.


Social Tees
325 East 5th Street, NY, NY 10003;
5-7pm Monday to Friday
12-4pm Saturday and Sunday at Petco at Union Square

Do you want to participate in 

Friday's Child?

Not everybody can bring an animal home.  Not everybody lives in New York.  That's why Social Tees just started an Amazon Wish List. It's easy, it's fast and you never have to risk any allergies or a plane trip when you click a button.

Or, if you do live in New York but still can't bring an animal home or don't have the time for a weekly commitment, why not do a drive for materials for Social Tees!?

Visit them at their MATERIAL DRIVE COLLECTION page and find out how easy it can be! 

And if you live in New York and are in the neighborhood, stop by the 5th Street Store front 5-7pm weekedays and the Petco adoption events weekends!