Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Reruns: Sunday Memories Of Letters From The Deep

As forty years of file boxes filled with letters and stabs at writing are culled through and shredded, a post of letters, originally posted November 11, 2008.

The family tradition of writing one another letters:

Dear Mom,
Louise said a curs word and so did I. Louise said a-s-s and and I said f-u-c-k. I'm sorry I said it. (Do not show daddy this note.) You'll find my homework in my note book. Please put back the books and do not forget any of the book. My homework (spelling and math) are the first ones in the first section. Do not mess up my paper. I changed my pantty.

Please do not throw this paper away!!!!!

Dear Claire
Don't say I never wrote to you at camp
 Love, Louise
PS Whe you come home, I shall have a guest. You'll sleep on the couch Wed.
Love, Louise

"Lend me your ears."
Dear Mother,
Please say to me that you "love me." Don't rip this up.
Love + xxxx

Dear Claire-
When you are stirred, out there in that beautiful country, to great heights of aspiring, or being inspired, cast your yearning thought to improving your spelling....

Dear Claire,
Wish you were here. Glad you are there.